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‘Why police, military fail in Borno’

Poor funding of the Nigeria Po- lice Force, and other Security agencies was responsible for the inability of the se- curity agencies to tackle the present security chal- lenges in the country, a key Security Personnel has stated. The Chairman of the po- lice Service Commission (PSC), Mr. Mike Okiro who made this revelation said poor funding of secu- rity agencies hamper the fight against insurgents. The PSC, chairman, who made this known at the commissioning of the Sunday Adewusi Housing Estate made up of 1,000 mixed housing units for policemen in Abuja, noted that there would have been no need to invite foreign security operatives to as- sist the country in its fight against insurgents if the Nigerian security person- nel were adequately funded. Okiro, who was a one- time Inspector-General of Police (IGP), challenged the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency fund the security agencies so as to empower them to combat and end terrorism and other security challenge in the country. The former IGP, while noting that Nigerian securi- ty personnel had performed better than the invited for- eign security operatives at various international op- erations in the past, maintained that the difference between the foreign se- curity team assisting with the rescue of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls and their local counterparts was the equipment and tools at the disposal of the foreign team. He said: “Government should properly fund secu- rity agencies to empower them to perform their man- date if securing the coun- try. We have beaten these people (foreign security operatives) in foreign mis- sions everywhere, but here we are, they are doing our jobs for us.”

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