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When Akpos got admission, his dad used 2 advise him not to join cult and that he should stay away from trouble. So one day his daddy called saying "am just watching NTA news now and there is crises in your school, where are you?" Akpos told him that he was in his room. His dad asked if he locked his door, he said yes, His dad said "that is my son!" So 1hr later his dad called and asked him what caused the problem and Akpos told him that they increased school fees from N27,000 to N127,000. His dad was now like, "wait my son I want you to tell me the truth, where are you right now?" Akpos told him he was in his room. His dad was now like, "are u stupid? Will you get out of that room and join the riot!" Akpos said, "dad remember you told me to stay out of trouble." His dad provoked "forget what I told you before and do what am telling you now, join the riot, kill somebody if possible!"

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