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Its quite a normal trend for every guy to wanna go after every pretty/sexy gal they sight. Some guys don't even wanna know if she's pretty or not! As long as she's feminine enough they're all on her tails. Very normal....yet as normal as this may seem, self control and esteem is key. As a man, whether its online or in reality, have some dignity and control. Running after just any chic cuz she looks good enough is not cool. It takes the fun out of the chase game when you chasing 50gals at the same time. Allow me tell us a lil story: A very beautiful 19yr old gurl went to get tested for hiv and was diagnosed positive. With no feeling of remorse, she tucked her hiv test result in her bag and walked away all smiles. No sort of orientational talk was given to her. She just left feeling like it was her against the world of randy loose men. She knows there are tons of loose teabags on facebook ready and willing to go balls deep and wet just at the snap of her fingers. She begins to upload a lot of provocative and suggestive photos of her body with very volatile captions and just as she envisaged, the dudes troop in in their numbers. Some to lambast,some to chastize and some to indulge the immorality she's selling. She agress to meet with So many guys in the pretence of being an innocent teenager hoping he goes for it when she shows up. She meets the first 10guys and bam!! They hit it and contact hiv MORAL LESSON??? - Guys? Have it big or small? Keep ur measurements to urself respect urslf and refuse to join the bandwagon of hegoats on the social media and on the streets. - Not every gal you see who looks so good on the internet is healthy. Some are just walking corpses waiting to expire and looking for who to expire with. - You may actually save ur life just by behaving urslf and not being randy. - Get a gurl you really like, chase her and only her to the last...hold her down and stay put with her. - If you don't have any girlfriend or can't get any, pls sit ur ass down you won't die. Turn ur attention to success and achieving and the ladies would come for you you'll even be the one to select which gurl best suites you. - Use a condom if you must get laid with just about any strange chic - Apart from diseases, sex is spiritual. Becareful who you share ur essence with lest ur destiny gets tampered with by supernatural forces. Not every beautiful gal you see is human. Beware!! These are those days and you better believe its here. A word usually is enough for those whose ears are receptive to the truth and brains active to reason. HAVE A LOVELY DAY AHEAD.

2 Responses to "WARNING TO LOOSE GUYS"

  1. Thanks so much I pray der wil hear dis pieces of advice

  2. a word s enough 4 a wise man.