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As ugly and poor as u are you still have a young man/woman who accepted and love you as a wife/husband while those who are full of beauty and riches are still fasting and praying for a life partner. As dull as u are you are, still u were able to graduate form higher institution with good grade, while some so called brain box suffered set back and graduated with tear due to poor result. Though ur parent were a nobody, yet u were able to obtain a divine connection that caterpoted u to the high places while those with rich parents still struggle between god fathers for connection that may never come. Though you don't always have money to eat balance diet yet ur immune system is far stronger that that of many rich and highly placed individuals, no wonder they re easyly diagnosed with deadly diseases llike kidney failure, heart attack, liver problem and different type of cancer that u don't even know exist. Dear reader, if you can't thank God for the garri you are eating now, supergetti may never cross ur mouth. You must understand that ur present condition is someone's else prayer request. So therefore don't be too in a hurry or busy to say Father am grateful.

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