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Sadly,nobody has a perfect relationship because there will be days that you will argue and fight.It's all about having a partner who is willing to wipe your tears away and hold you in their arms after a fight and who will not walk away from you,no matter how rough and difficult things get.For those having misunderstandings in your relationships,don’t think that giving up is the solution,just take a look into your heart,accept your mistakes,if you’re the one in wrong meet him or her and apologize to them.Find new ways of relighting that old first love that both of you had for each other that is if you don’t want to lose that person.And always have it in minds that all relationships go through the ups and downs.No way to escape them and no one who is flawless on this planet.So prior you let him or her go out of your life,first try your damnedest to make everything better.Smartly play your role,if there is no positive outcomes,then don’t over press your lover,Let them go no matter how painful it is.Trust me if they were meant for you,they will come back to you.And if he or she doesn’t get back,be strong,that’s not the end of your love story,life goes on.I know it’s not easy,you will cry,the memories you shared together will keep on replaying in your head.But after rubbing your tears,ask yourself why are you crying? Are you crying because you are going to be lonely or because you have lost that person? Ask yourself is the person you’re crying for worth your tears? Did he or she truly loved you from the heart? After that get down on your knees,pray to God to make you strong again,to help you never to cry for the same reasons again and to help you find a new understanding,caring and serious lover who will love you the way you are.

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