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“I am healed. I can see, thank You Jesus!” It was a shout of joy as Miss Charlie Alexis Richards from USA – once blind, finally received her full sight. It was a priceless thing to have happened to her considering the opposition she encountered on her way. People tried to discourage her, telling her that it was not worth travelling all the way to Lagos to be prayed for. Even after she had made up her mind to come to The SCOAN, at the airport right there in America, she discovered that her feet had swelled. Not only that, her baggage was sent to a wrong destination. But her will to seek the face of God and His intervention in her matter was so strong that she could not allow any detractors stop her. She added that before coming to The SCOAN, she had a dream where she was in the church auditorium. Everything looked the same but there were no chairs. Then, she saw herself in a line of people. The man of God called her to come forward as she was late. She went forward to the front and what looked like hospital came down upon her. Inside the hospital, she saw a hospital curtain which she ran inside and pulled it closed around her. Inside there, she saw surgical tools of all kinds all around the walls. Afterwards, a man came to her and said she could see the screens in front of her. She instinctively replied that she could not but the man insisted that she could and when she tried, she found out that her blind eye could now see the objects in front of her. Finally finding herself at the prayer line of The SCOAN that historical day, she witnessed the launch of the New Anointing Water. She explained her experience under the power of the Holy Spirit, “As soon as the Anointing Water fell into my eye, I felt like something was moving in my blind eye. I lost control. I could not find a hand to hold and fell to the ground.” Unknown to the human eye and those that were in her vicinity, a divine operation was taking place just as she had experienced in her dream. After a few minutes, her eye popped open, darkness disappeared and to her inexpressible joy, she was able to see the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, clearly for the first time. In the Book of Isaiah, it was foretold that when Jesus Christ would come, the lame would walk, the dead would be raised and the eyes of the blind would see. The age of miracles has not passed; the Miracle Worker is still alive. His name is Jesus Christ.


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