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Some women just want to get married not because of love but because age is no longer on their side. Some will leave their current bf who is still struggling to make things better for "them" to marry an already made man. And when you start having problems in your marriage you come out screaming all men are the same. If you at least use your heart and use your eyes well you wouldn't meet the wrong men. Marriage is not a gate way to heaven. A lot of women would do anything to make a man put a ring in their finger...why? Because of what the society has to say. Some of you get married because of the society. Some rush into marriage because they don't want to be left out "after all all their friends are getting married or already married." African Mentality: A woman at 40 who isn't married is a failure. Who told you EVERYONE is destined to marry? A single woman who lives fine and healthy is better than the married woman who her husband beats everyday.. My point is; If you want to get married get married because you have found the right one and not because age is no longer on your side or because people are going to mock you. Don't let what people say make you to make the wrong choice. The society won't be there with you in marriage o. If you no marry dem go talk, if you marry and husband dey beat you dem go talk, if you no born dem go talk, if u born quick dem go talk, you born late dem go talk, you divorce dem go talk, you refuse to divorce to bear the beating and the emotional abuse dem go talk, you die in marriage dem go talk....they are ready to buy burial cloth just to eat rice and chicken when you are no more. And what happens next? LIFE GOES ON WITHOUT YOU... The moment you start doing things because of YOU and not because of what people have to say the better for you.


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