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TEACHER: (drew a map of Nigeria on d board) Who can tell me what I drew on The board? STUDENTS: no answer TEACHER: So nobody can tell me what is on dat board, huh ? STUDENTS : no answer except Akpors. TEACHER: ok Akpors come out. Who else? STUDENTS: No answer. TEACHER: Is it only Akpors that is In dis class? (realy angry) ok Akpors take dis cain & give everybody in dis class five, five strokes. After the caining, the whole class were in tears. TEACHER: Now Akpors tell dem what I drew on d board? AKPORS: Yam TEACHER: What? AKPORS: Na so, It resemble yam nw. Mama Akpors is currently helping Akpors press his bottom with hot water afta receiving 65 strokes of cain by d angry students. What word do you think best describes Akpors?

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