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The story of God's people in the latter days is a magnificent yet untold story. It is far too dramatic for most western churches to speak about publicly. It is a story of great adventure and the divine romance. The Daniel 9:27 covenant involving the sovereign land of Israel will be confirmed. At that epic moment in time the trumpets will blow. This will initiate the
70th Week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age. This is the time God has determined for crucial and very necessary dealings with His covenant people and with the people of this world. This seven year period will finish up on the final, climactic, wrap-up Day of Reckoning or Day of Atonement. It will be the final day of this present age.
After this awesome day of reckoning the Day of the Lord will open up and the wrath of God will be unleashed. God will loose the evil angels. (Ps.78:49) The angels of destruction will hover over the wicked. There will be no escape. They will be plucked up as weeds. The grim reapers will be at their work. And the end time harvest will have just begun. In that dreadful visitation of horror the angelic reapers will be gathered over the wicked as eagles over their prey, and as vultures over the dead. That final awful harvest will carry off the wicked to their doom.
The Day of the Lord will see the final judgment of the wicked. This awesome time will also see the spellbinding deliverance of God's covenant people. Messiah will be delivering His saints from their foes. He will be rescuing those in Jerusalem and those in exile out at Bozrah at the ends of the earth.
Messiah's second coming will see the transformation of His saints. They will be glorified into new spiritual bodies, the sort of bodies we saw with the resurrected Christ. This is the glorification of the saints that will be seen at His coming. (1Cor. 15:23) At that time He will gather all of His Elect from the four winds of heaven. All of them will be there from all around the earth and from both sides of Calvary in time. They are one single Congregation or Church, even the remnant of Israel. And they are destined for one single grand party in the mansions of glory. These are the called, the chosen, and the faithful. From the early patriarchs to the last tribulation martyr God's Elect and Chosen people will all be there. They will be gathered from across space and time. This will be the final epic glorification of the saints.
The history of this present evil age is slated to come to an awesome climax. The seven year time period has been set. The end time drama of the age has been determined by the Sovereign God, the Holy One of Israel. And the acts of the play have already been written. The court scenes of heaven that control the events of the Apocalypse were seen by John when he was caught up into the Day of the Lord. It has been written for us in the Book of Revelation. So all these things will surely come to pass. Further details have also been revealed to us by the prophets. And Jesus Himself spoke of the climax of this age in the Olivet Discourse.
This latter day drama has been written about extensively in the Bible. And YHVH-God has also illustrated the very same epic end-time deliverance story in the constellations of the stars. This great contest of the ages is at present a mystery yet to be revealed. But it will not be a mystery forever. The Revelation of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach, will surely come. And the ying and yang, the humanistic "balancing" of good and evil will end. This great drama of the end time is slated to be played out before men and angels. Every human being and every angel will be seen clearly for who he or she really is. The superficial will be stripped away. And the deeper character and reality will be revealed. All things, both the good and the evil, will then be clearly seen for what they really are. They will be unveiled for all to see. This is the Revelation. And it will all unfold during those final seven years of this age.
So does the Dragon like this? No, not one bit. Lucifer and his angels of selfism who currently rule over the children of disobedience hate the Messiah and read His coming. And they want to keep men in the dark about it. The dark angels stir up the men they own down here on earth. And the nations rage against the righteous rule of Messiah. King David wrote a song about this. It is in Psalm 2.
And so we see the woman of Revelation 12 that John saw. The woman is God's covenant people, in the time of the Great Tribulation, the final seven years of this age. The woman includes the Church, the royal Jewish house of Judah, and indeed all of Jacob or greater Israel. All of YHVH-God's Elect are in trouble together in the crucible of the Apocalypse. It is the time of "Jacob's trouble". And all of God's people alive at the end of this age are there. They are encircled by a great dragon even as Andromeda before the sea monster of the nations.
              TO BE CONTINUED ........


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