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  Sometimes, it is very difficult to recognize a scam from a true message, especially when it comes to the internet. Many people hide behind the internet to defraud most unsuspecting internet users of their hard earned money.

  Latest statistics by the cyber world regulating agencies showed that there are an average of 699,436 internet scams monthly, ranging from false email message to false facebook accounts. considering this statistics, being applicable to USA only, it is then left for one to imagine the number of scams that goes on all over the world in the world wide web. Facebook has been accounted for being the biggest of all them all because many people can be easily deceived into believing a facebook stranger to be a friend, thereby making them vulnerable to the scamming activities of these internet scammers,
  One of the most common methods used by these people is by acting as helpless or in need of financial assistance, while some simply come up with a cock and bull story on how you will become wealthy if you partner with them or invest a certain amount of money into a venture which they promise to be a real money maker. Please, note that not every online businesses are scams, though majority of them are.

                                REMEDY TO THESE SCAMS
(1) If you receive a suspicious mail into your email accounts, especially when they are in your spam folder, do not open them because most of them contains malwares that can get into your I.P address and collect every information stored on your system.

(2) Never give out your personal information online, ranging from your residential address to your phone numbers.

(3) Never believe a stranger who promises heavy and earth to you in return for you to pay them, be it on facebook or on any other social network at that. especially if you don't know the individual in person.

(4) Always watch your back, because not every one on the internet are who they say they are.

(5) If you are the type that is involve with internet business, make sure that you make enough research before involving yourself into any new business to avoid any regrets.

(6) Nigeria is practically the most populated country in Africa, as such it is believed that a high rate of  undisclosed scamming activities always take place in different states of the federation.
          .....on this note I close; please feel free to sure any information you know that may probably help in reducing scams in the comment box.


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