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     It is quite amazing the things one doesn't know until some scientific theories come out to clarify all the doubts.
    red wine is known to reverse the effects of dying ear hair cells, which marks the onset of loosing hearing abilities. on a side note, this article does not encourage you to become a red wine addict of some sort, it is rather for educational purposes only.
   (1)STAY YOUNG ALWAYS ; red wine contains lots of anti-oxidants, these are the primary components that have anti-aging properties and it equally helps with diabetes.
  (2)STAY FREE OF CHOLESTEROL: consuming red wine cuts the "bad"  LDL cholesterol and prevents the formation of blood clots, while increasing the level of "good" LDL cholesterol.
 (3)MORE BRAINY: a recent study shows a boost in brain power for women who take a minimum of one bottle of red wine every three days. 20 issue of the new England journal of medicine evaluated more than 12,000 women aged 70-81. moderate drinkers have a 23% reduced risk of mental decline, compared to non-drinkers.
 (4)CONTROL THE DEADLY CANCER: Yes you read it well, research has shown that red wine contributes a lot in the control of cancer in general, though it is not advisable for red wine to be used as a subtitude to medical for a patient suffering from cancer, but medical doctors advice cancer  patients to be more friendly with red wine, especially at the early stage of the cancer.
 (5)STAY SLIM AND ALWAYS IN SHAPE: the french have a peculiar habit for having wine along with their meal. studies shows that alcohol stimulates the appetite and as such, it better to take it with a meal. when alcohol is mixed with food, it slows the stomach's emptying time and decreases the amount of food consumed at the meal.
 (6)HEALTHY AND A WHITE TEETH: studies show's that red wine has a cleansing effect on the teeth and that it equally make's the teeth white and the gum stronger.


  1. What an interesting article, I think this will surely help me.

  2. I never knew red wine was beneficial.