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This is an Email sent to us by Tommy, he need's your advice so as to know the next step to follow in dealing with the last event that happened to him in his house...

Last night i was in my bedroom studying for Latin. Then I visited a friend and went to bed. My bedroom door was shut. My windows were shut. My home security system was on. I was lying in my bed pondering life at about midnight. I remember seeing a man walk across my room
. He was well over six feet tall, which is taller than anyone in my family. It looked as if he was wearing an all-black ninja suit, but it could have been the darkness tricking me. His eyes were piercing white. They looked very odd against the blackness of his body.He walked over to my bed and said to me in the lowest voice I have ever heard, "Heed the call. Look for the warnings." I am not really sure what he meant. After that, he began to choke me. He put his hands around my neck. I screamed but nobody came. Suddenly, i heard the hissing of a snake. The man stepped back, as if surprised, looked around, and shot out of my room right through the window at a really high speed.
I shrugged the whole event off. I kept telling myself it was a dream, even though I knew in the back of my mind i was awake. After getting up the next morning, i rubbed my eyes, and made the 10 foot journey to th ebathroom(i sleep i my house's old master bedroom with its own bathroom and two closets). I did it like i was in a daze. I looked up at the mirror only to discover that i had two bruises shaped as big hands around my neck! That was the only evidence. Nothing else was touched. Nobody heard me that night. My mom called the police. They said that the event was unfortunate, but nobody had been to my house.
  But within myself I know that it was not a dream, and now I don't know what to do, should in case something like this happens again...
please Friends, what should I do right now, because I really don't know what to do.